Karmic Beads & Gems

Life is short and precious. We work hard, play hard, and love hard. Karmic Beads and Gems is a third generation small family owned business. My Australian war bride grandmother May Rudd first started the business by trading turkeys for opal in Australia before she moved across the ocean to America. There my grandparents Clarence & May Rudd started Australian Imports in the 1960's on Fairmont Ave. in San Diego, CA and specialized in opal. Years later, the business was passed down to my parents, then in 2007 my husband Charlie and I purchased the business from my father and have since been slowly building it up and having many adventures along the way! We sell to the public at gem shows, and wholesale to boutiques, yoga studios, meditation dens and more.  Our mission is to spread beauty, happiness, and seeds of light along the way!